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Azienda: Adecco Italia Spa
Data annuncio: 29/06/2022
Sede di lavoro: Milano

Adecco Credit & Banking is hiring for a prestigeous international bank

Deal Portfolio & Securitization Manager

As a Deal Portfolio Manager you will be responsible for structuring / management structured finance transactions, such as:

- Covered Bond

- Securitization

- Self Securitization

collateralized by retail credit portfolios (mortgages / consumer loans).

In this context, the main activities consist in:

- support, as Servicer / Portfolio Manager / Test Calculator Agent, the Business Transformation Sector and the other functions of the Bank in charge of drafting the Business Requirements / Project Requirements Document and Functional Analysis;

- select the portfolios to be sold for issues of Covered Bonds and / or Securitized Notes (and subsequent transfers in the case of revolving transactions), according to the relative regulatory requirements / market needs; these activities, in turn, consist of the following areas:

identification and sharing of the selection criteria;

portfolio analysis and selection of the so-called 'Eligible Assets';

calculation of the Portfolio transfer Price and support to the functions of the Bank in charge of systemic segregation of the loans being sold;

- review, as Servicer / Portfolio Manager / Test Calculator Agent, the contractual documentation for each specific transaction (typically: Servicing Agreement, Cover Pool Administration Agreement, Transfer Agreement, Prospect, Guarantee and Indemnity Agreement, Cash Management Agreement).

key responsibilities, in coordination with the other team members:

- manage the daily cash flows on transferred loans, balancing the accounts;

- assist the external auditing firm in the 'Pool Audit' process on the selected portfolio;

- monitor the evolution of the transferred portfolio in terms of debt assumptions, restructuring, repayments, renegotiations; extraordinary transactions such as, for example, payment holidays, defaults, write off, repurchases;

- carry out, periodically, in coordination with the Treasury Office, the Covered Bond mandatory tests required by the Regulator: nominal value test, net present value test, interest coverage test, asset coverage test;

- prepare and check the required Reports (as Servicer Report, Test Performance Report, Investor Report, etc…) to be provided to external counterparties (the main recipients are: Treasury, Corporate Servicer, Cash Manager, Paying Agent, Rating Agencies, Asset Monitor, Auditing firm, Investors)

Categoria Professionale: Banche / Assicurazioni / Istituti di Credito


Città: Milano (Milano)

Disponibilità oraria:

  • Full Time
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