Development of a cloud-based Flight Management System web application

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Azienda: TXT e-solutions SPA
Data annuncio: 15/05/2020
Sede di lavoro: Milano
Nowadays avionics represents a rapidly expanding technical sector and plays an increasingly predominant role within the aeronautics industry. The term avionics refers to any electronic device, including its electrical part, used in an aircraft, including devices for radio communications, automatic flight systems and instrumentation.

Among these, the Flight Management System (FMS) plays a key part. Such component is fundamental for navigation and guidance, consumption optimization and flight parameters management. The FMS constantly reports information on flight performance, aircraft movements and significantly reduces the workload of pilots.

TXT has been working for almost 30 years in the development of applications for training in aeronautics field including flight simulators and has always been monitoring new technologies to improve its own products.

We are looking for a versatile developer to join a leading-edge innovation project: the development of a cloud-based Flight Management System (FMS) web application. As the primary developer, you will be involved in all aspects of the project, working with product management, front-end and back-end software development, avionics and simulation experts, pilots, and UI/UX. This is an opportunity to be hands-on in the full development cycle of an aerospace software product. On any given day, you could be architecting and coding front and back-end interfaces, designing and developing user interfaces, defining functional requirements, demoing to user groups, and many other important development tasks. This is a position with high responsibility, but also high visibility and exposure across the company and aerospace industry.

During the thesis work the student, with the support of the team, will be involved in the following activities:
 Architecture implementation and Client application design within a 3D model;
 Server implementation for communication with the Client application;
 Application test through Virtual Reality tools;
 Architecture implementation and Client application design on tablets and smartphones;
 Tutorial creation within the App, to allow the pilot to learn without difficulty the developed interactions;
 Maps, Visual and Avionic Displays development and integration on Tablet and Smartphone.

The activities described above are to be intended as a thesis plan; they will then be adapted to student performance and feedback received during developments and evaluations with users.

The ideal candidate will have
 Good knowledge of basic programming and interest in programming. Unity 3D and C #;
 Basic knowledge of Client - Server Web Based communication protocols;
 Basic knowledge for IOS and Android systems and technologies;
 Problem solving;
 Good analytical skills;
 Good written and spoken English.
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