Executive Assistant

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Azienda: Adecco Italia Spa
Data annuncio: 25/03/2020
Sede di lavoro: Milano
We are currently recruiting, for the Italian unit of a prestigious global Company, leader in the IT Industry (web search engine, mail provider, web services, hardware products ecc.), based in Milan, an:

Executive Assistant

As an Executive Assistant you're at the heart of your team's business operations and activities and the soul that keeps your team moving forward. You anticipate the needs of your manager and help them stay focused on their projects by resolving operational and administrative issues before they arise. You move quickly with the changing environment and are up to date with the latest Google products and services. You also use that knowledge to strategically support your team's projects. In addition to being organized and analytical, you possess the strong business judgment and communication skills needed to interact with a variety of people and job functions across multiple locations.

•Perform an extensive array of administrative tasks - manage calendar, book extensive national and international travel, book facilities and equipment, as well as process
•Provide strategic support such as evaluating data or resolving minor operational issues with your manager's guidance.
•Interacting with high-level executives both inside and outside the company and perform flawlessly and professionally in a fast-paced environment
•Organise offsite and internal events for your Directors and their clients in Italy & abroad

•BA/BS degree (In lieu of degree, relevant skills or equivalent experience).
•Fluency in Italian and English (spoken & written).

We offer 12 months in one of the best work place in the world.
Work Location: Milan

Categoria Professionale: Segreteria / Servizi Generali


Città: Milano (Milano)

Conoscenze linguistiche:

Competenze richieste:
  • Segreteria - Organizzazione viaggi
  • Marketing/Comunicazione - Organizzazione conferenze stampa
  • Segreteria - Gestione appuntamenti
  • Marketing/Comunicazione - Redazione comunicati stampa
  • Segreteria - Redazione documenti
  • Marketing/Comunicazione - Analisi canali distributivi
  • Segreteria - Gestione archivio
  • Marketing/Comunicazione - Ricerche di mercato
  • Marketing/Comunicazione - Definizione prezzo del prodotto/servizio
  • Segreteria - Gestione agenda
  • Marketing/Comunicazione - Definizione strategie promozionali
  • Progettazione / Disegno tecnico - Microsoft Office
  • Marketing/Comunicazione - Gestione campagne pubblicitarie
  • Segreteria - Organizzazione riunioni
  • Marketing/Comunicazione - Gestione rapporti agenzie stampa
  • Segreteria - Gestione telefonate
  • Marketing/Comunicazione - Tecniche di comunicazione
  • Segreteria - Organizzazione meeting

Disponibilità oraria:
  • Totale disponibilità
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