Mainframe System Specialist Cics / DB2

Settore: / Information Technology /
Azienda: BlueIT SpA
Data annuncio: 01/01/2019
Sede di lavoro: Milano
The main areas of activities are:
- Projects aimed to implement a High Availability/Service Continuity solution environment for the Mainframe infrastructure hosting the core applications such as direct client management applications in bank branches, Intranet and Internet Banking.
- Health-check projects of the zOS infrastructure, CICS and DB2 subsystems, to identify both real and potential problems in the performances, response times and resources consumptions; the projects outcomes were KPI's needed to implement scheduled evaluations of the Mainframe system health status.
- CICS and CTG Installation, implementation, tuning and version migration activities
- CICS troubleshuting using dump and trace analysis tools
- Support to CICS Application Programmers in implementing new applications in Java language
- Implemetation of CICS SYSTEM EVENTS and POLICIES to generate events and alerts in case warning thresholds are reached, by using the CICS Explorer Eclipse tool
Key Skills
- CICS/TS, CICSPlex SM (Installation, configuration, maintenance and tuning)
- CICSPlex dynamic routing algorythms for workload balancing across CICS instances running in different LPAR's
- CICS Explorer to define Project Bundle, System Events e Policy
- CTG - CICS Transaction Gateway for zOS (Installation, configuration, maintenance and tuning) in High Availability
- CICS Performance Analyzer for statistics and performance analysis.

Other relevant information

- knowledge of ISV products (COMPUWARE, BMC-Mainview) coming from having worked for those companies
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