Mechanical QC Inspector

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Azienda: Innovative Management Services s.r.l.
Data annuncio: 10/09/2019
Sede di lavoro: Milano
In accordance with the Quality Control Plan, execute the specific inspections on material, equipment and construction/installation activities on site, following relevant specified procedures, issuing the relevant Quality Records
Obtain and acquire knowledge of project documentation and specification requirements, standards and codes as required by the scope of the contract
Ensure that material receiving inspections are carried out
Ensure that all p ersonnel performing inspection and testing requiring experience and qualification are identified and that their qualifications are kept updated and recorded
Ensure that all testing and measuring equipment are identified, calibrated and suitable for testing and that instructions for their use and setting are available
Check daily, and prior to start the on site work, that environmental conditions are adequate; otherwise promote measures to protect the work
Ensure implementation of Inspection and Test Plans for structural steel, vessels, column, tanks, spheres, heat exchangers and air coolers, skid mounted packages, piping, pipe supports, pipe ways, pipelines etc., and perform, with a minimal external support from his Supervisor, all pertinent quality control and on site surveillances
Witness inspection and testing and ensure that they are performed as scheduled in order to meet project objectives
Evaluate inspection and testing results in accordance with requirements defined in the Contract
Provide support for any identified potential non-conformances or any work defects occurring systematically
Ensure that non-conformance reports have been closed out satisfactorily and that pertinent documentation have been completed
Orderly collect and manage/check documents certifying test, controls and inspection documents, ensuring that all mechanical and testing related records are properly retrievable within the final As- Built dossier
In Case of subcontractor activities, ensure the correct implementation of the approved Quality Control Plans/ Inspection Test Plans, witnessing inspection and collecting relevant Quality Control records

Diploma in Technical discipline
Knowledge and experience gained during design, installation and construction with main Industry standards applicable (ASTM, ASME, ACI, UPC, AWS, etc.)
Knowledge of piping, engines, fluid machines and mechanical operation activities
Ability to control, calibrate and adjust tools, instruments and other measuring and testing devices used in activities affecting Quality.
Very good knowledge of English language

Duration: 12 months

Location: Nigeria
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