Settore: / Engineering /
Azienda: Innovative Management Services s.r.l.
Data annuncio: 27/07/2019
Sede di lavoro: Milano
Company specialized in Technical management service is looking for a Rail Engineer.

As a rail engineer, you will build and service the mechanical and electrical systems on train engines and rolling stock.

Main Tasks:
Building new engines and carriages
Fitting out new carriages with upholstery, lighting, control panels and communication systems
Inspecting bodywork, roofs and under-carriages for wear and tear or damage
Making new parts
Support the project managers in the testing and commissioning activities relating to the new signalling systems
Oversee and direct construction projects from conception to completion
Plan and undertake administration of Rail projects and support services

Excellent mechanical and electrical skills
Good problem-solving skills
The ability to work both as part of a team and alone
Good communication skills
Good eyesight, normal colour vision and good hearing
Good English and maths skills
An understanding of industry quality standards
A knowledge of safe working practice

Location: Milan
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