Relationship Manager

Settore: / Information Technology /
Azienda: Adecco Italia Spa
Data annuncio: 22/05/2021
Sede di lavoro: Milano
We are currently recruiting, for the Italian unit of a prestigious global Company, leader in the IT Industry (web search engine, mail provider, web services, hardware products ecc.), based in Milan, a:
Relationship Manager

As a Relationship Manager, you'll provide advertising solutions to clients in the Retail Fashion Luxury sector based in Italy. You will work closely with internal teams and external resources to develop the company’s proposition in this exciting and dynamic category. You will develop relationships with clients and agencies to build the business and develop a reputation for thought leadership and industry change. This will require you to have excellent client-servicing and relationship skills along with commercial acumen and entrepreneurial flair to approach existing customers to partner strategically.
Businesses that partner with client come in all shapes, sizes and market caps, and no advertising solution works for all. Your knowledge of online media combined with your communication skills and analytical abilities shapes how new and existing businesses grow. Using your influencing and relationship-building skills, you provide caliber client service, research and market analysis. You anticipate how decisions are made, persistently explore and uncover the business needs of key clients and understand how our range of product offerings can grow their business. Working with them, you set the vision and the strategy for how their advertising can reach thousands of users.
•Establish, develop and nurture C-level relationships with our clients and contribute strategically to the growth and direction of products and services;
•Grow our client's business by showing them how product can be a key enabler of that growth;
•Define and execute Annual Plans for our main clients to capture business opportunities;
•Analyze data and trends to identify new opportunities to grow our business and our client's business;
•Understand all the Performance metrics of our business and what are the levers to focus on.

•Experience of 5-10 years in media marketing, digital payers or retail companies
•Do well with goals and will strive to hit demand targets.
•Thrive in a fast-paced team where flexibility is critical.
•Attention to detail via extensive follow-up and tracking.
•Fluent in English.

Categoria Professionale: Marketing / Comunicazione / Media / Giornalismo


Città: Milano (Milano)

Conoscenze linguistiche:
  • Parlato: Ottimo
  • Scritto: Ottimo
  • Comprensione: Ottimo

Competenze richieste:
  • Segreteria - Gestione archivio
  • Segreteria - Gestione telefonate
  • Segreteria - Gestione appuntamenti
  • Segreteria - Redazione documenti
  • Segreteria - Gestione agenda
  • Segreteria - Organizzazione viaggi
  • Segreteria - Organizzazione riunioni
  • Vendita - Tecniche di merchandising
  • Vendita - Vendita di prodotti / servizi
  • Vendita - Tecniche di negoziazione
  • Vendita - Gestione grandi clienti
  • Vendita - Pianificazione attività commerciale
  • Vendita - Acquisizione nuovi clienti
  • Vendita - Gestione punto vendita
  • Word Processor - Elaborazione testi - Word
  • Fogli di calcolo / elettronici - Excel
  • Grafici e Presentazioni - MS Powerpoint
  • Browser per Internet - Microsoft Explorer
  • Progettazione / Disegno tecnico - Microsoft Office
  • Linguaggi di programmazione / Ambienti di sviluppo - Html
  • Database - SQL
  • Progettazione multimediale - Adobe Illustrator
  • Progettazione multimediale - Adobe Photoshop
  • Progettazione multimediale - Photoshop
  • Vendita - Assistenza al cliente
  • Vendita - Gestione rete vendita
  • Vendita - Definizione obiettivi di vendita
  • Vendita - Preparazione preventivi
  • Vendita - Compilazione documenti commerciali
  • Vendita - Tecniche di vendita
  • Vendita - Analisi offerte commerciali
  • Risorse Umane - Tecniche di selezione del personale
  • Risorse Umane - Metodologie analisi della performance
  • Chimica - Analisi quantitative
  • Chimica - Analisi qualitative
  • Marketing/Comunicazione - Analisi canali distributivi
  • Marketing/Comunicazione - Definizione strategie promozionali
  • Gestione Progetti - MS Project
  • Vendita - Analisi stato avanzamento lavori del progetto
  • Risorse Umane - Analisi fabbisogni formativi
  • Risorse Umane - Selezione del personale
  • Risorse Umane - Tecniche di selezione
  • Segreteria - Organizzazione meeting
  • Contact Center - Analisi dei competitor
  • Browser per Internet - Mozilla Firefox
  • Browser per Internet - Safari

Disponibilità oraria:
  • Full Time
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