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The new shopping mall "Merlata Bloom" causes a crisis in a neighborhood: long queues and no parking

'Merlata Bloom' sends the traffic in the area into chaos. The president of Municipality 8 asks for an intervention from the municipality

An infinite line of cars. An entire neighborhood dominated by parking lots. The new Merlata Bloom shopping center, which opened last Wednesday in Via Daimler in Milan, continues to put a strain on traffic in Cascina Merlata and much of the Gallaratese area. As already happened on the day of the inauguration, on Saturday, November 18, all the roads leading to the mall were blocked and parking in the area became virtually impossible. “When I asked if it is the municipality, and therefore all citizens, who have to bear the costs of private interventions, I meant this,” said the president of the 8th Municipality, Giulia Pelucchi, on Facebook, along with a photo of a line of cars. “Dozens of residents write to me rightly furious about the paralyzed traffic around the shopping center and ask for the police.

The premise is that they are right, at least the first weekend was the minimum to guarantee, we can also say that it is likely to believe that all weekends, during the Christmas period and during the January sales, the situation could be similar. What I ask is,” she continued, “so, do we want to ask for the presence of the police all these times with a cost to be downloaded on the community and removing personnel from other activities or can we ask the one who carried out the intervention to provide dedicated personnel, not the three people who are there now, so that the flows can be managed? So that clear signage can be provided? It is communicated to park in the structure and not in the neighborhood? I believe that this is possible.”

“What could the Municipality have done that has not yet been done despite our long-standing requests?” she then continued. “Tracing of parking for residents, increasing the frequency of line 35, agreeing on parking for residents” and “requesting the shopping center to install bollards on the sidewalks to prevent wild parking.” Just on Wednesday, the area president had already intervened on the issue. “I believe that the municipality of Milan should ask the operator until the sale period, at least on holidays, to provide ad hoc personnel or to bear the cost of public personnel so that wild parking and the paralysis of the neighborhood are avoided,” she had already said, almost predicting what happened. “Is it right,” she asked herself, “that the public should pay for private interventions?” Saturday came a first answer.


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The new shopping mall "Merlata Bloom" causes a crisis in a neighborhood: long queues and no parking
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