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The Best Things to do this Weekend and for St. Ambrose

Markets, handcraft and a traditional fair to celebrate the patron saint of the city

Milan is already getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Among the best things to do in the city this weekend and for St. Ambrose (the feast of the patron of the city is on December 7th), you will find markets, handmade products, fairs and... lots of lights.

Cosa fare a Milano anche gratis per il ponte di Sant'Ambrogio

Markets & Fairs

Don't miss Oh Bej! Oh Bej!, the traditional (and super popular) fair near Castello Sforzesco where you can buy candy, gifts, and toys. Are you an opera lover? Before la 'prima', the first show of the season at Teatro alla Scala (this year it will be Giuseppe Verdi's Macbeth), there will be free concerts, performances, and exhibitions in 40 different locations.

Looking for a unique Christmas present? Visit l'Artigiano in fiera, the annual giant handcraft event hosting craftsmen from all over the world. You can also purchase vintage clothes at Bagni Misteriosi, the 1930s pool near Teatro Franco Parenti.

Music & Exhibition

Want to relax listening to a great piano player? Ludovico Einaudi will be at Teatro dal Verme for the whole weekend. But if you prefer hip hop, you should book a ticket for Achille Lauro's concert at Teatro Arcimboldi.

You can visit the new Bansky exhibition at Gallerie dei Mosaici, near Central Station: you'll enjoy 30 unreleased works. Grand Tour, at Gallerie d'Italia, includes painting, sculptures and objects from prestigious collections. Focus on contemporary art with 100 works by Mario Sironi at Museo del Novecento and with Cattelan at Pirelli Hangar Bicocca. You can still visit the fabulous Wildlife Photographer of the year; while at Palazzo Reale you will find an in-depth study on the theme of the reflection of light and its changes in the work of the father of Impressionism, Claude Monet.

Family & Children

Mudec museum hosts an exhibition with the best Disney works. Families can also have fun in an elves farm at the charming Christmas Village inside Giardini Indro Montanelli or ice skating on a 'floating rink' at Bagni Misteriosi.

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The Best Things to do this Weekend and for St. Ambrose

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